Other technical services that we provide include CNC routing/cutting and mobile digital scanning.

Our 3.0m x 1.5m flat bed router provides high precision machining to cut a range of materials such as wood, plastics and acrylics.

Specific services include:

  • Cutouts for bench tops or counter tops,
  • Cabinetry,
  • Cut out for boat registration lettering/numbers and boat name,
  • Acrylic cut outs for windscreens and boat windows,
  • Cut outs using HDPE for seat bases on boat upholstery,
  • Design and manufacture moulds for boat windscreens,

We also provide mobile digital scanning to capture accurate dimensions and measurements which are easily converted to a DXF file for design within a 3D CAD system.

Our digital scanning technology is a high end measuring solution using state of the art technology.  With our digital scanner we can
measure straight, curved and very complex shapes in an instant.  It also provides the ability to measure any object or surface in a horizontal, vertical or slanting position.